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The Dog Fence Guys offer any pet fence services you may require. We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!

The easiest way to schedule an appointment is to give us a call at (248) 830-3778 and we can discuss your specific needs. If you would prefer to set an appointment online, please use the links below and we will give you a call to discuss the details.

  • Wire break, system evaluation, collar check, wire reconfiguration, etc

    1 hr 30 min

    Average cost $99
  • Training your dog how to use your pet fence system

    1 hr

    Average cost $99
  • Transmitter and wire installation

    3 hr

    Starting at $599

 We Also Do

- Reinstallations -

- In-home solutions -

- Remote collar trainings -

*Reinstallations, reconfigurations, and service calls can be done for all brands of pet fences

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